Otomaco 1

Otomaco screen

The Last Jade Journey you’re part of a group of three adventurers ambushed in their travels and tossed into a cell. What fate awaits our strange looking heroes? Well, you’ll have to play to find out, but if you don’t escape soon, chances are you won’t be getting a free trip to the Gumdrop Mine in Happyland. Just a hunch.

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Mandrake 1

Mandrake screen

What does many years of marital bliss and working together get you? If you’re Helga and Helmut Van der Doom, it gets you the achievement of a lifetime—the creation of a singing mandrake—a magical and biological breakthrough of epic proportions. It gets you fame and glory. It also, apparently, gets you sudden marital strife topped with breakage and defenestration. Try to get back your singing Mandrake!

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Tortuga 3

Tortuga screen

In Tortuga 2 you have successfully escaped the pirate ship
you were imprisoned on,
only to find that the pirates have taken over the whole town!
Strain your brain as you solve clever puzzles and fight for your freedom!
Tortuga 3 is the third part of our interactive puzzle adventure series.

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